How Our Medical Weight Loss Program Works

Starting Phase: You will be prescribed low-calorie FDA approved meal replacements or a modified meal plan with your own food. We recommend weekly weigh-ins with behavioral, exercise and nutritional counseling for accountability. FDA medications will be administered by a physician if needed.  We offer a monthly Newsletter with Nutrition and Exercise tips.

Transitional Stage: You will be on a modified low-calorie diet where regular food will be put back into your daily routine. Meal plans can be provided by our Nutritionist or Registered Dietitian. Behavioral, nutritional and exercise instruction will continue to be used until you are comfortable that you can do this on your own. Some patients continue to see our staff on a bi-weekly or monthly basis.

Maintenance Phase: You are now a Pro and have learned how to maintain a healthy lifestyle to keep the weight off. We offer an Annual Membership where you are able to purchase the shakes and bars at a discount as well as come in for weigh-ins every quarter.  We realize that maintaining a healthy weight can be a lifetime challenge so we welcome you to come back if needed.


Meal Replacement Program

Our Meal Replacement Program provides rapid and safe weight loss by replacing all meals with FDA-approved meals, shakes, soups and bars. They are rich in protein and nutritionally balanced to meet your individualized nutrition goals set by our Physician, Registered Dietitian, Nutritionist and Personal Certified Trainer.

Modified Meal Replacement Program

In addition to prepared meal replacements, small balanced healthy meals are added. With this program weight loss may be at a more moderate pace.

healthy meal replacement

Nutrition Program

we will recommend a healthy nutrition program

The Nutrition Program is designed to provide the tools to help make small and sustainable changes permanently. This program is supervised by a Nutritionist and Registered Dietitian. We will set goals with you and empower you with the skills to achieve long-term success. Our nutrition counseling program offers the following:

  • Meal Planning/Recipes
  • Basic food swaps
  • Managing social events
  • Tools to manage emotional eating

Eat Healthy All Week – Quality Chef Prepared Food

Now you can order chef-prepared, healthy weight loss meals directly from Turnure Medical Group and have them delivered right to your door for as little as $10 per meal.

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Safe Medications

We offer safe, FDA approved medications that can improve your results by aiding in additional weight loss through increased metabolism and appetite suppression. Medication is prescribed by our supervising physician, Dr. Raymond Turnure, who is board supervised in Obesity Medicine.