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Natasha cooking a healthy meal

Hi Friend!

I am Natasha! I am a mom, wife, nutritionist, coach, fitness enthusiast and food lover.

Oh! And a recovered obsessive exerciser and emotional eater! I went on a mission to find the answers on how to stop feeling crazy around food and now I’m sharing those answers with you!

I get it….

After my first baby, for the first time in my life I struggled with weight loss. I tried every plan; keto, whole 30, low carb, low calorie and on and on. I ran marathons to try to control my weight, but I was left feeling exhausted, frustrated and totally and completely obsessed with food. I couldn’t go to a restaurant without anxiety and was regularly binge eating. If you saw me, you would never know I had a problem but deep inside, I was miserable. All the numbers, all the knowledge, all the feelings of failure and I couldn’t take it. I mean I was the one people came to help them lose weight, why couldn’t I get myself together?

It wasn’t until I finally let these obsessions go, realized why I was turning to food, started fueling my body appropriately and eating balanced meals that change occurred. I am living proof that you can lose weight, you don’t have to be excessive with exercise to see results and you don’t have to eliminate food groups. Restaurants no longer stress me out, I can get together with friends without being afraid I will go crazy and no longer have a desire to overeat.

…Now, it is my turn to help you!

My mission

is to help you find

balance with food.

Natasha Mikitiuk Weight Loss Counselor

Are you ready to
change your life?


Nutrition with Natasha provides medical weight loss programs, individualized counseling and the online course, “The Balanced Nutrition Academy.”  


Our clients get results that last because our programs address “the whole person” through nutrition, exercise, accountability and behavioral counselling.